How to counsel a close friend going for a Divorce?

She is emotionally down. I am living far away from her but the medium of communication in between us is only chatting. Please tell me I really want to help her. I don’t know how a women feel but can understand that it hurts if you love your husband and he wants a divorce.

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    6 Responses to “How to counsel a close friend going for a Divorce?”

    1. poor2riches Says:

      it’s just better to listen tell her you will always be there for her she needs to find a positive in each day. stop thinking of what ifs or why all the time.
      if you feel you can no longer listen be open with her. maybe get her on a different subject when she talk about the break up.

    2. free_angel Says:

      Tell her, "Listen to me!!!! You better hire an attorney and a vicious one at that and make damn sure that attorney knows how to chew your soon to be ex up and spit him out like nails!!!! I am only looking after your well being so hire that attorney and get the ball rolling on this and pronto!!!! Oh, and you can thank me later."

    3. Aly_M Says:

      Well i think the first chance u get to go down and see her and help her through this. Since ur far away you will just have to talk her through the hard time she just needs to know that its not like she cant find anyone new. Maybe she wwill find someone even better for her that is worthy of being with her and her hsuband right now doesnt see this in her maybe another man will… Good Luck I wish the best to ur friend.

    4. Abbody Says:

      God help her
      When one of them want that and serious about it I do not think that you could help because it is relation between both sides.
      The who can really help is a friend who know both of them and he/she should discuss with them in order to do the balancing between them

    5. Rob Says:

      Hurt is inevitable. Just be there for her. If you can, go see her and talk face to face.

    6. Jack P Says:

      Just talk…about anything; old times, mutual friends, current events in your lives. Don’t dwell on the divorce unless she wants to, then just listen and offer support. Be careful with advice and NEVER use platitudes (e.g. I know how you feel…you think your situation is bad, wait till you hear this one…etc.)