No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims – What You Need to Know

No win no fee personal injury claims allow people in the UK to claim compensation following injuries that occurred due to the fault of another individual or organization.

Since Conditional Fee Agreements became widely available in the late 1990’s, people who would possibly not have been able to afford to pursue compensation previously, have been able to do so on no win no fee arrangements with UK personal injury solicitors.

What is No Win – No Fee?

It’s very simple, in a no win no fee compensation claim, the solicitors will deal with the claim for you, and will not charge a fee unless they are successful in achieving compensation for you.

How much will I pay the solicitor if they win the case for me?

The solicitor will be able to provide this information for you, however usually, even if you win the case, you will not pay anything to the solicitor – as they will claim their fee from the other party.

Here are a few tips for a successful No win – No fee personal injury claim:

Gather & save all information.

Information is the key to a successful personal injury claim. If the police were involved, make sure you have the incident reverence number, if you went to the hospital make sure you have all the details with regards your visit to the hospital. The name address & telephone number of any witnesses. All details of your injuries and any symptoms which you believe to be connected.


Take notes, who you spoke to, names of doctors, any information you can provide your no win no fee solicitor may help the case.

Never settle without seeking the advise of a specialist personal injury solicitor.

Some organisations may want to try to avoid a larger payout, by contacting you with a direct compensation settlement offer immediately, in the hope that you’ll be temped to accept a lower offer than they would more than likely end up paying.

This can be a tempting offer, especially in the current financial climate – but beware, there is a real possibility that the figure offered will be substantially less than the figure that you may receive if you allow your solicitor to handle the case professionally.

Ensure that you claim within three years.

Personally injury claims must be made within three years of the accident (please note, this time limit differs with other compensation claims such as work related illness) so ensure that you speak to a solicitor with in three years of the accident that caused the injury or condition.

Remember that conditions can worsen.

Some people may have slight complaints within three years of an accident, for example some slight back pain caused by a whiplash injury. However, even after three years, in some cases conditions can worsen, causing the need for treatment such as physiotherapy. So, just because the symptoms of the problem are bearable now, does not mean that they will not increase in the future.

Therefore, even if an accident occurred nearly three years ago, and even if the symptoms appear slight, it is advisable to speak to a personal injury specialist. It may be that upon examination from a medical professional, it is deemed that you have some lasting injuries caused by the accident that may persist for a number of years, and that may require treatment. These details will be used by the solicitor in putting a claim forward.

Our specialist team of personal injury solicitors have a wide range of experience in dealing with all nature of personal injury claims, including head and neck injury claims, and have experience in dealing with claims of all values from the most straight forward of whiplash payouts, to catastrophic injury claims, providing comprehensive compensation services.

Our no win no fee solicitors aim to offer personal and efficient compensation services. We fully appreciate each client and the diversity of their needs. Being the innocent victim of a personal injury can be both stressful and traumatic, and our personal injury solicitors hope to make the whole experience of making a personal injury claim as free of hassle and anxiety as possible.

Oliver and Co solicitors, are no win no fee solicitors, with a team of specialist solicitors who’re very experienced in dealing with personal injury compensation claims.
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