Personal Injury at Work – A Primer

Injury is a part of a working life. Regardless of where you work and what tool you use to complete your task, you are always at a risk of personal injury at work place. This is so common that for many years, industrial accidents do not become news, until and unless, a group of people is involved, or something completely out of nowhere happened. But, not every type of accidents qualifies to be called a personal injury, and not every type of personal injury can claim to be originated at the work place. So, the question is:

What is personal injury at work

Any physical or psychological injury that you suffer at the work place can qualify to be referred as personal injury at work. A company where you work is legally bound to provide you a safe and secure work place, and you can always ask for compensation if it does not, and you get caught into an accident at the work place.


Upper parts of the body are more susceptible to get injured at the work place because those parts remain more active during work be it in an automobile assembling plan or a shoe making factory or in data processing offices or in warehouses, etc.

Nature of personal injury at work

As indicated above, both physical and psychological injuries are considered as personal injuries at work place. It includes small cuts to fatal heart attacks to emotional trauma caused by environment at work place to broken limbs to amputation to slipping on the floor, etc.

Although diseases like mesothelioma and asbestosis take time to surface, they are also considered personal injury because these diseases are caused by the chemicals and/or substances used in industry. In essence, any injury at the work place which hampers your normal day-to-day functioning or which makes you ill is referred as personal injury at work.

What causes personal injury at work

Negligence is the most common cause of injury caused to workmen. Another most important reason is ill-maintained and/or outdated tools and apparatus. Noisy environment and working without proper safety gear are two other major causes of personal injury. Use of harmful chemical, and unduly pressure created by seniors in the organization have also been cited as reasons behind personal injury, particularly of psychological nature.


As evident from the above discussion, anything can cause personal injury at work place. It is a legal responsibility of a company to take care of its employee by providing a better workplace. If they fail to do so, workmen can exert legal pressure on the company to follow the set norms, and even claim compensation should one get caught in an unfortunate personal accident at work.

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