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How much does a divorce cost in California?

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

My husband and I have one child together, we don’t own a home, or even an apartment, we live with his parents. I have all the money, he doesn’t have a job. I just want to know if everything goes smoothly and we agree on simple terms with our daughter what will the cost be. […]

I have been charged with section 47 ABH what will happen to me?

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

During a 5 a side game of football I was playing in goal and I had the ball in two hands and one the opposition come right through the back of me for no reason so I reacted my pushing him in the back of the head. The ref sent me off for raising my […]

Some personal information about the writer Ursula Wills-Jones?

Friday, April 8th, 2011

I’m translating the short story The Wicker Husband by Ursula Wills – Jones but I know nothing about the writer. Please tell me some personal information about her such as age, nationality, job, place of work, family, literature works, etc. Thank you. Related Blogs

How to divorce a Filipino without going to the Philippines?

Friday, November 19th, 2010

My brother has a wife in the Philippines that he wants to divorce. He is in the US and cant go there anytime soon. He lost his job, like many people in the US, and cant afford to go there right now. He does not want to tie up her life being married to him. […]

My previous employer owes me money…can I sue him?

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

I was a case manager at a personal injury law firm in Manhattan. I was told in my interview that I would get a percentage of the cases that I settled (before trial). The percentage ranged from 1-5% depending on how much work I did on the case. I settled 1.3 million dollars and never […]

What important things need to know about getting a divorce?

Saturday, September 18th, 2010

My relative (female) is going through a divorce. She lives in California. She has no clue how to handle it as far as the procedures and things that she should look out for in terms of financial and getting the child support (2 small kids). Should she get a divorce lawyer? The main concern is […]

We are about to lose everything because of an accident. What can we do?!?

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Long story short: Boyfriend was rear-ended on motorcycle over a month ago & was injured (full surface burns & neck/shoulder injuries) HE had no insurance but the guy who hit him does. We filed a claim with that ins. co. and also retained an attorney for a Personal Injury case. MY QUESTION IS – when […]

Where can I get help with immigration when solicitors and appeals haven't helped?

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

I hope someone can give me some advice on where to go next. I am a brit woman married to Algerian man for four years and I still can’t get him a visa. Have tried spouse visa, denied appealed and denied again. I have tried just a visit visa, denied I tried my MP he […]

Unhappy with NC lawyer- setting up a meeting to review paperwork … what documents should I look for?

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

Two years ago we were offered to settle with an insurance company over a personal injury car accident and denied their offer and hired a lawyer. Ever since he took the case, he has failed to ever call us to keep us updated or return our calls. They have lost numerous pages of paperwork and […]

Dallas, TX residents or law professionals only please…?

Wednesday, July 7th, 2010

1. Does anybody out there have links to personal injury attorneys for me in the Dallas area? 2. Has anybody out there (in the Dallas area) suffered from an on-site, work related injury/temporary or permanent disability? (if so, please tell me your story) Long story short. In a menagerie of owners, general contractors, subcontractors, and […]