Types of Personal Injury Cases a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Handle

In you have been hurt in an accident; you may be unsure how to proceed. A personal injury lawyer is experienced and knowledgeable in handling a myriad of personal injury lawsuits and can assist you in getting the best personal injury claims for your case.
Here are some common personal injury cases that an injury lawyer works with:

1. Automobile accidents

According to a study, there were over 323,000 vehicle accidents in New York, in 2007, with over half of them resulting in personal injuries, and over 1300 resulting in fatalities. These alarming numbers show that New York drivers often fail to pay attention to the rules of the road causing injury to innocent victims. Injury lawyers represent victims of drunk driving accidents, hit and run accidents, rear end collisions and speeding accidents. They help their clients receive no-fault benefits, payable for lost wages and medical bills, as well as bring lawsuits against negligent drivers of cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles, for pain and suffering caused to their clients.

2. Slip and fall

These matters arise out of accidents on snow and ice, as well as falls due to liquid or other matter left on the floor of the premises. The client may be injured as the result of slipping on spilled milk, left on a floor of a supermarket, for an unreasonably long period of time.  In addition, slip and falls matters often take place several days after snowstorm, when freezing temperatures cause snow to turn into ice and people fall due to slippery conditions on sidewalks, intersections or driveways, as well as due to snow that was not timely or properly removed. An injury lawyer has access to weather reports, letting him estimate how much snow fell, when the snowstorm stopped and by what time was the owner of the premises supposed to have cleaned the icy and dangerous condition. Your attorney can help you navigate the confusing process of premise litigation, and if liability of the landlord can be proven, get you damages for injuries sustained.


3. Trip and fall

Injury law firm may also handle accidents where people fall due to broken, uneven, defective condition on a sidewalk or crosswalk. Several years ago the liability for broken sidewalks has shifted to private owners of multiple dwellings. While the City of New York may still be held liable for injuries sustained due to falls on defective sidewalks in front of one, two and three family homes, residences of larger sizes or commercial properties are now under private owner’s control for maintenance and repair. Injury lawyers who handle trip and fall matters frequently will identify the right party responsible for your accident, and commence litigation to hold them accountable.

4. Medical malpractice

Mistakes caused by hospital or medical staff, which could have been avoided, fall under the rubric of medical malpractice. Doctors are held to specific standards of care in the community, and violation of these rules may lead to them being held liable. Common examples of medical malpractice cases are misdiagnosis of a condition, surgical errors, wrong medication, errors during anesthesia and wrong treatment prescribed for a condition, leading to an injury. An injury lawyer, working together with medical experts will review your medical and hospital records and advise on whether you have a viable cause of action.
Ordinary people suffer injury every day as a result of accidents, however, most individuals do not understand what their legal rights are for compensation in relation to such injuries or how to pursue and protect those rights. If you have been injured at work, in a motor vehicle accident or in a public place, you may be entitled to compensation. You should be aware however that there are strict time frames in which claims for compensation must be brought and should you fail to meet such time frames, you could be at serious risk of losing your rights to make any personal injury claim for compensation whatsoever.

Therefore, it is imperative that you do not delay in contacting personal injury attorneys what compensation rights you do have in relation to your injury and protecting such rights.

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